AIGNER WHITE – pure light transformed into sensuality. If there is a color that stands for creativity, it’s white, with all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum combining to yield the purest, brightest light that the human eye can register. A surface on to which ideas, visions and concepts for the future can be projected. A muse such as has inspired architects, artists and designers throughout our history.

AIGNER WHITE is a fragrance of rare clarity and openness. The focus is on clarity and architectural features to communicate status, elegance and culture. It will appeal above all to cultured, modern people open to the world and prepared to confront anything new and break with established standards.

AIGNER WHITE announces itself with the sparkling freshness of grapefruit, spiced in an aromatic symphony in which basil, cardamom and coriander play their parts. In the heart note, this four-note chord is taken up by juicy watermelon and wrapped elegantly in a blend of violets and lilies. The base note, with its dry-down of vetiver, moss, gray ambergris and musk, rounds off this perfume experience in a clear and self-confident way.

The packaging expresses timeless elegance with its brilliant white and precious silver. Minimalism is the distinctive characteristic, white the dominant design element.