A fragrance for women with an independent, dynamic, life-affirming personality whose feminine aura gives them overwhelming appeal.

AIGNER TOO FEMININE combines exquisite, delicate and discreet notes with an elegant and very personal style. It´s extraordinary combination of sensuality, tenderness and warmth is something magical: Perfume as the art of seduction, an auspicious message to all the senses.

The top note is dominated by a cascade of fruity aromas from passionfruit, watermelon and raspberry rounded off with the soft freshness of grapefruit. An opulent bouquet of exotic flowers awaits us in the heart note: Indian tuberose, Tunisian orange blossom, Egyptian jasmine, Chinese magnolia and Parma violets give away their seductive aroma. Noble woody notes provide the base note with oakmoss, vetiver grass, iris, sandalwood, amber and musk, filling the scent with warmth and sensuality.

Surface, color and design, feel and look to merge and form a perfect harmony with the fragrance of the essence of feminine eroticism.