OUD has been well-known in Asia and the Middle East for centuries and is appreciated and revered. AIGNER N°1 OUD presents a luxurious addition to the AIGNER N°1 collection. A rich and mysterious fragrance which takes inspiration from the tradition in the Middle East. Daring – for the cosmopolitan of today.

AIGNER N°1 OUD is a spicy and mystical scent. Bold and deeply luxurious.

Celebrating its Middle Eastern roots, the top scent opens with spicy tones of coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg for a dramatic entrance. An exotic combination of rose, jasmine and a hint of clove, boldly defines the heart of this mystical scent. A blend of precious woods, saffron, rich leather accords and sultry oud complete this warm and captivating scent in the base note.

AIGNER N°1 OUD presents itself with golden lettering on earthy warm ground.